How it began
My creative story began when I was a little girl. I absolutely loved when mom and dad read all those childrens books for us, me and my siblings. What I loved the most was the pictures, the illustrations. Not only the illustrations the story in itself created in my mind, but the actual illustrations in the books. They fascinated me and I wanted to draw just like that. I started to draw from other illustrations, like a copycat, when I was around 12. That is how I learned to draw, by looking and by trying. For me it was easy to draw from pictures and the result was most often like a print of the same image.

Finding my signature style
One day I realized I had to find my own style, my own signature and I promised myself never more to draw from others. I had to believe in myself and my ability to create what was me. I could, of course draw from my own photographs, but I found it most rewarding when I made a painting or drawing by looking inside and create from the images I had in my mind.

I was very fascinated by images and I took a lot of photos. I even got a few jobs as a free lance photographer.
When I got my first appartment, I was 20, I made a darkroom in one of the closets (It was a small walk in closet) and I developed photos during evenings and nights. I forgot time and sometimes I went straight from the darkroom to the subway to take me to my daytime work.
I looked at the world around me with eyes that saw every little detail in everything. I have always seen details in places, people, environments.

No art school for me
I dreamt about going to art school. RMI Bergs school of Art, and their ”Graphical Art and Illustrations” was my biggest wish, but it costed money, a lot which I didn’t have. So I kept on dreaming and I ordered their catalogue each year for like ten years before I just gave it up.
I never went to any art school. And today I am quite happy about that, because I found my signature style without it.

I got a job, in a total different field. I started working at an office in the courier and transport business. I got married, new job, I got two wonderful children, I worked, I got divorced, I got married again, I got my third wonderful child, still working in an office with things that didn’t matter to me.
One day my lovely husband told me to live my dream. He said -”Quit that job of yours and start your business. We’ll manage somehow” …..
… so I did! I resigned. And I started my own company called Originella Original. The year was 2010.

Originella Original
I started selling greeting cards with my designs. I had a big stack of illustrations made over the years. The assortment got bigger and I added trays, artprints etc .. The motives came from my paintings. Mostly animals, such as cats, owls, birds etc. I attended design trade shows, actually I have been doing so since 2011 up until the Corona pandemic hit the world. My signature style are loved by people around the world. Originella Original® is now a trademark and I sell my branded items in Sweden, of course, but also in South Korea, USA, Japan and more. I have got to know wonderful people from all across the world and some of them have become my friends. It has enriched me and my life. Originella Original Sweden AB is my business and I continue to add products to the assortment as I go along.

The worst year of my life. I lost my dad. Everything went dark and I just fell, deep and hard. I stoped painting, I couldn’t, didn’t want to. Lost the joy.
Even though I had to continue working, I didn’t produce anything new .. for a long time.

I suddenly started drawing again in the summer of 2019. What came out wasn’t my usual Originella Original-style, no, it was something else. Flowers and botanical elements. Delicate and sophisticated, detailed and beautiful floral illustrations. I couldn’t stop drawing. I started making patterns, repeating patterns suitable for textiles and wallpaper etc. I loved it. The creative joy came back to me through japanese illustration brushpens.

2020 – The year of Corona
This is probably my most creative year ever. The market all of a sudden died and my customers stoped purshasing. I suddenly had a lot of time. Time was all I wanted to be able to work on my portfolio, my patterns and my future. So, in the middle of the pandemic I started a course online to learn Adobe Illustrator a little bit deeper. I took the Immersion course by Bonnie Christine. It gave me the tools I needed to move ahead and I made my first pattern portfolio.

Studio Pibelu
Pibelu is a merger of the first two letters in each of my names, Pia Bergvall Lundén. This place is for connecting with other brands and companies who wish to collaborate with me in some way.
I will show some of my work, my studio, maybe tutorials of my drawings. It will be developed as I go along.
I feel so content to finally have made up my mind about how to move ahead.
By separating my brand Originella Original from Studio Pibelu give me a chance to structure my way forward.

To be continued …