About me

My background

Before I started Studio Pibelu and Originella Original I worked for 22 years with export and logistics in the corporate world. My work experience has been of great benefit to my business. During all those years I freelanced as both illustrator and photographer, alongside my regular work. And finally In 2010 I resigned and started my company Originella Original, which is the head company to Studio Pibelu.

Being self-taught with no attended art classes ever, I shaped myself to finding my own signature style as a creator and designer. I guess I was born with an artistic ”eye” for fine art and a good hand to visualize it. Most of my drawings come from my fantasy. Inspired by nature, fauna and wildlife and my vivid imagination, my illustrations are often filled with colorful flowers or animals. My style is more, rather than less.

Originella Original®

Originella Original Sweden AB became a shareholding company in 2014. My branded home decor products are mostly produced in Sweden and I sell them through retailers and distributors, in Sweden of course, but also in South Korea, Japan, USA and Europe. I work alone and I do everything myself, from producing the art and illustrations and patterns to marketing, sales, distribution etc. Studio Pibelu is a part of Originella Original. Since 2010 I have attended Formex, an international tradeshow in Stockholm, 19 times. If you are curious of my branded products, please visit my website www.originellaoriginal.se

Surface pattern design

In february 2020, just before the pandemic hit us, I took an 8 week long online course to learn Adobe Illustrator with a purpose to learn how to make seamless patterns. The Immersion class with Bonnie Christine. It really gave me so much inspiration to my goal of working with surface pattern design. It helped me grow even more and I found my true calling, my passion. I started to work more and more in Adobe illustrator. But I still draw my originals and sketches by hand before I make the final steps to digitize my drawings. My expression changed and I realized I was moving towards something else, a more sophisticated and detailed look with lots of botanicals and flowers.

Studio Pibelu

I decided to separate my pattern production from my brand Originella Original®. Studio Pibelu was born. I produced so much. Beeing extremely creative and passionate about making patterns I realized I didn’t have the manpower, the time, nor the sales organization to produce my own products from it + market and sell it. Instead I started licensing and selling my designs to established companies and brands to add value to their products.